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Belle de Jour Veterans’ Night

I’ll be going to the Belle de Jour Veterans’ Night on Thursday!


This is their way of thanking people like who have been in the Bella community for a while. It will be an intimate night full of surprises,¬†fun, food, and dancing. The fat cat and dancing… hmm… Hahaha I’m fine with the surprises, fun and food though.

It’s a night to mingle with BDJ Veterans, beauty and lifestyle bloggers, BDJ hosts Tracy Abad, Karen Bordador, Janeena Chan, and Apple David, the BDJ Box Beauty Ministry, and of course, the whole BDJ team ūüôā

“Since the theme of the 2016 BDJ planner is¬†Share The Spark,¬†we envision our BDJ Veterans to be the girls who will help our team spread our advocacy¬†to help other bellas find their inner light and believe that they have the power to rekindle it.”
                                                                  -BDJ Team

Gotta go and look for a cocktail dress now. See you there!!!