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Althea Philippines’ Grand Launch

Happy Chinese New Year and “대박나세요!” [dae bak na se yo!] which in Korean means wishing you all the success! How are you spending the day? I hope everyone’s just lounging around, tinkering on the internet, watching their favorite shows or spending time with their family. ^-^

Last time I posted about my package from Althea Philippines! Now I’m so glad to let you know that they are officially launching their site after Valentine’s Day on February 15, 2016!!!

The great thing about this is that they have so many promos! Check these out!



Althea Ph also has an FB page. I would recommend you to stalk them to get fresh insights on their juicy grand opening launch. Soooo you’ll get free shipping in purchases Php1000.00 and up, up to 70% in savings, free credits, zero deals and buy 1 take 1 deals! What more could you wish for?! So let’s all wait for Feb 15! ^-^ 



Guess who got her Althea Beauty Box?!

Last Friday, I was busily tinkering around the Althea PH Website. I found shopping for Korean beauty products really easy because I can easily navigate or just search for the beauty products I want.

Now I won’t act like an expert in Korean Beauty products because I am not. I just am a fan for some of their products and I know that they are really big nowadays in the beauty/cosmetics industry. So when I saw the wide array of products I was like “Whoa what does this do?!” I felt like a little girl in the candy store. I just didn’t know which to check!

The beauty of their site is that the products were grouped according to use, like SKINCARE, MAKEUP, CLEANSER(I think cleansers are a big thing there that it has it’s own tab), PACK & MASK(Koreans love their Facemasks), NEW ARRIVALS and TRENDY ITEMS(Best Sellers). You can also sort their products according to relevance, price or manufacturer. I honestly sorted mine by price because I am running on a budget. Hihihihi


If you’re asking me about the great things about Althea they would be:

  • The prices are really affordable. – I checked some deal sites and some other online stores and they have the best price!
  • They offer free shipping DIRECTLY TO YOUR DOORSTEP for orders Php1500.00 and above – You don’t have to worry about going to the post office and being charged. And as a Filipino I found this very relieving. That’s actually my main concern when it comes to online shopping.
  • If you were able to get a fake product form Althea, they’ll refund 200% of that item’s purchase value. – Yes, they are confident about the legitimacy of their products!
  • They have an Unconditional Refund Policy – They will refund the product you bought within 30 days. if you’re not satisfied. No questions asked!

Althea Promise

I’ll show you the unboxing post later or tomorrow because I work at night and I badly need sleep. ^-^

Let’s all wait for Feb 15, 2016 because that’s when Althea will officially launch their website! For now you can go there to check it out Althea PH Website.