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How to Upload Your Pics From Your Camera Directly to Your Phone

My  CD-R KING Setup
My CD-R KING Setup

I’ve recently found out that I can upload pictures right after taking them with the help of these gadgets.

Samsung phone + OTG Cable(Php100.00) + SD Card Reader(Php15.00)

Both are from CD-R KING and yes you read it correctly the card reader sells only for fifteen Pesos! At first I thought the OTG was only hood for checking files via USB and watching movies… but one tiring afternoon I had to send some high resolution pictures to my mom and I’m too tired to get my laptop so I thought “well the card reader looks like a USB and acts like a USB so this should work” and viola!!!

The beauty of this setup is that I have options to upload, send and save the pictures or files via different means like email, chat, Dropbox, message, Viber, Facebook Google Drive and WordPress. In fact I’m now lying on my bed while doing this.


Convenient huh?! Now if you want to upload pictures,  just make sure you have WiFi or Mobile Data. The next three months would be extremely busy, wonderful and memorable. So let’s all be event ready by trying new things, making sure that everything works properly, all electronic devices are charged and that you’re always photoready!

Till next time! Expect me to post the pictures from tomorrow’s Belle de Jour Veterans Party!


#bloggys2015 Philippine Blogging Awards Gala Night

About three weeks ago, my friends and co-bloggers(can I say that?) Bea and King posted about Bloggys 2015 and how happy they are to get an invite. And when I checked it out I definitely would want to join! So I hurriedly filled-out the forms and became so happy when I got an invite yesterday.

Bloggys is the Philippines’ premiere blog awarding event, where finest bloggers in the country are given their due recognition. Being there would give me a chance to be with friends, know more people, make new friends, be with people of similar interests and know more about blogging and how to improve my writing.

#bloggys2015, Philippine Blogging Awards Gala Night
#bloggys2015, Philippine Blogging Awards Gala Night

So what are the other perks of being there you say? Well they actually did send them to me so let me show you…

As a blogger and our guest of honor, you’ll enjoy:

  • An awards show of the finest bloggers in the Philippines
  • Witnessing a key event in Philippine history
  • Networking with businesses who have freebies and perks for bloggers
  • Building relationship with niche influencers, trend setters and buzz ambassadors

So, if you are a blogger and have a passion for writing, c’mon and sign up! See you all there!

My Invite to #bloggys2015
My Invite to #bloggys2015