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The Belle Underwire Custom Cleavage Dream Bra I Almost Didn’t Get

I was cleaning my bag when I came across the AVON Voucher I got from the May BDJ Box. It is for a free Belle Underwire Custom Cleavage Dream Bra (Valued at Php 599.00). And on the voucher is an expiry date of June 16, 2014! For the past month I have been meaning to redeem it but it’s difficult since 1. I don’t know where AVON is in Marikina City and 2. I’m mostly sleeping during daytime. But yesterday I thought, I’ll have to activate my Waze App (GPS) and viola correct directions! Yeeeeeeey! I finally got there at the nick of time!


So when I got I immediately went to the customer service area where I wrote my name and bra size.The Avon lady then told that I would not be able to return them if I get my size wrong, before handing me my new pair. (Uh Ohhhh) At first glance I thought, did I get the right size? This bra looks huge! But maybe, just maybe they are correct because I followed the guide they had. Hopefully it would help you too.

ImageThe Verdict: As a girl I like pretty things and cute stuff but I’m not the kind who would trade comfort for style. So after having it cleaned I am now wearing it and all I can say is this Belle Underwire Custom Cleavage Dream Bra feels great! I’m not sure if I have been wearing the wrong bra all this time but this one feels like my twins are getting all the support they could.The Belle Underwire Custom Cleavage Dream Bra just feels like a dream! Thank you BDJ Box and Avon for this one!