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Fan Fiction


It’s not a secret. People who are close to me know that I read Harry Potter and am a Fanfiction fan. I’ve literally read a LOT of them from way back in 2002.

I’ve fallen in love with the world that fans had created.  A world where the characters went ton with their lives and a world where you can choose who gets to end up with who.

With it my heart broke with every hero’s heartbreak, but nothing hurts more than the abandoned and abruptly cut plot.

These days I’ve found myself exploring the world of crossovers. This is a group of stories where two plots intersect. I find myself liking the ones with Harry Potter and Twilight.

With that in mind, I started creating a story last night and honestly I feel happy and at the same time curious that it is actually gaining more followers faster than my blog page.  Hahahah


Is it because of supply and demand?  Oh well. I know that I enjoy writing and with this story is a promise that I won’t abandon this plot. Because with the highs of reading, nothing is more painful than an abandoned plot.

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