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Global air conditioning, appliance giant  enters Philippine market. Amidst the phenomenal growth in the Philippines’ retail sector, a brand of a global leader in air conditioning systems and appliances is set to bring to the country its line of innovative products. Tosot, a premium brand of Gree, the biggest manufacturer of air conditioners in the world, was officially launched this October.

Tosot PR

Tosot Philippines also held a grand launch, where dignitaries and executives of Gree came in full force to support the brand expansion in Southeast Asia. Tosot Philippines General Manager Tom Balete said the brand intends to compete in the segment of the market which demand innovative and premium solutions for air conditioners, something Tosot successfully did in three continents worldwide. The move, Balete said, is in response to growing consumer sentiment that prefers quality air conditioner brands, instead of the usual cheap but low quality products that flood appliance centers all over the land. “We have been observing the market for years now. We noticed that in the past couple of years, many families and businesses have started to upgrade their air conditioning systems to something that goes beyond cooling their rooms. They want efficiency and quiet that cheaper products don’t have.” He explained that the penchant of consumers to upgrade their appliances could be a direct result of the growth in the country’s retail sector, marked by the increase in the number of middle class families, which allowed premium brands worldwide to enter the Philippines. In fact, Balete said that in the Southeast Asian region, where the Philippines is a key member, analysts are predicting that the middle class is expected to triple from 525 million in 2009 to 1.74 billion in 2020.

Tosot 2

“Tosot’s entry to the Philippines couldn’t come at a better time. We want to be that alternative premium brand of air conditioners and we will compete in terms of providing really technologically advanced products that will set the bar for air conditioners, especially in terms of energy consumption and area acoustics,” he said. Tosot Philippines will also place priority on products that are ecologically friendly. “Our work primarily focuses on making lives more comfortable at no expense to nature. For every product we create, we think about how it will impact the environment.” Tosot prides itself of using R-32 & R-410A in its air-conditioning units. These special refrigerants do not contribute to ozone depletion, and allow for lower power consumption and less impact on global warming. Tosot also uses the inverter air-conditioning system that consumes less electricity compared to conventional air-conditioning units. This means less energy, reduced production costs, and an environment-friendly business. As a premium brand, Tosot’s product lines are made using the best technology available today.

The company strives to create a sophisticated and comfortable lifestyle where its clients are. “The people behind Tosot have worked hard-in-hand over a decade to bring the most innovative appliances possible in order to foster a lifestyle that not only sees to you and your family’s comfort and convenience but also the health and well-being of the environment.

Apart from the Philippines, Tosot is distributed globally in Italy, Canada, Hongkong, Iraq, Russia, Ukraine, and China. Partners in comfort and well-being Tosot has also partnered with various institutions to effectively improve the quality of life that includes comfort and well-being, and to bring not only comfort but a great deal of satisfaction. This includes Don Bosco Technical Institute where Tosot Philippines gets student-trainees for a five-month training program. In turn, Tosot Philippines provides scholarships to these trainees as part of their corporate social responsibility. Tosot Philippines also works with TUV Rheiland Philippines in ensuring that all Tosot products comply with the Philippine National Standard. Apart from its showroom, Tosot Philippines has also partnered with and in promoting and selling of Tosot products online.


Beauty Secrets Mud Products’ December Launch

Jordan's Beauty Secrets Inc
Jordan’s Beauty Secrets Inc

Beauty Secrets is the only brand in the world with the widest range of facial mud products from the dead sea. And the great thing about this is they would be soon be available in the major malls here in the Philippines. They’ve actually been around  for 20 years and are available in 65 countries.

Beauty Secrets

Beauty Secrets' wide array of products.
Beauty Secrets’ wide array of products.

The mud from the dead sea has been used for generations, but only Beauty Secrets use ALL NATURAL ingredients that are compliant with the European Cosmetic Standards and ISO 22716 Certification. Ladies these certifications are a huge deal. It is not an easy thing to get them and this also proves that the products are indeed quality.

Only Beauty Secrets Facial Mud and its other products from the dead sea will have 21 minerals like Magnesium, Potassium, Cloride, Bromide, Sodium, Iodine, Calcium to name a few and ingredients like Aloe Vera, Collagen, Sage, Chamomile, Avocadine, Jojoba, Vitamin E and Ginger Roots.

The Benefits of Dead Sea Minerals
The Benefits of Dead Sea Minerals

With more than 120 products, Beauty Secrets is a model of consistent product phylosophy and uncompromising quality when it comes to face, body and spa treatments which is distributed by Jordan’s Beauty Secret Inc.

The Benefits of Dead Sea Mud

We were actually given a demonstration and we were also able to use their salts, massage oil, lotion and finally their mud. It was unlike the other ones I’ve tried. Please take note that their products are all natural. So expect it to smell sweet and nice without being overpowering. I’ll be showing a short review of the Mud Treatment in another post. Because Newsflash , we’ve been using the Mud treatment incorrectly and we were shown how!

Beauty Secret’s Lavender Salt and Massage Oil

To book your personalized facial and body scrub treatment you can visit their Facebook Page. To know more about Beauty Secrets’ Products please visit their Website.

The Belle de Jour 2016 Planner

Thanks for the 2016 Planner BDJ!

Last night 20 lucky BDJ Veterans were able to have a glimpse at Belle de Jour’s 10 new products. And also take not just freebies but also the 2016 BDJ Planner home! COOL HUH?!

Click the link to see the planner's contents.

The new planner will be available in 3 yes 3 new designs. The regular one with the colorful cover, the leatherette planner as shown above and the Petit Planner which is well, petite.  Hahahaha

The Petit Planner is small and handy but would lack coupons and well I love those coupons specially the ones for ACE Water Spa!

Every planner you get on Sunday entitles you to the raffle,  where you can win a Lenovo Powerbank! So ask your friends if they’ll want you to get the discounted planner for them so you’ll have more chances of winning!  😉 See you there!

How to Upload Your Pics From Your Camera Directly to Your Phone

My  CD-R KING Setup
My CD-R KING Setup

I’ve recently found out that I can upload pictures right after taking them with the help of these gadgets.

Samsung phone + OTG Cable(Php100.00) + SD Card Reader(Php15.00)

Both are from CD-R KING and yes you read it correctly the card reader sells only for fifteen Pesos! At first I thought the OTG was only hood for checking files via USB and watching movies… but one tiring afternoon I had to send some high resolution pictures to my mom and I’m too tired to get my laptop so I thought “well the card reader looks like a USB and acts like a USB so this should work” and viola!!!

The beauty of this setup is that I have options to upload, send and save the pictures or files via different means like email, chat, Dropbox, message, Viber, Facebook Google Drive and WordPress. In fact I’m now lying on my bed while doing this.


Convenient huh?! Now if you want to upload pictures,  just make sure you have WiFi or Mobile Data. The next three months would be extremely busy, wonderful and memorable. So let’s all be event ready by trying new things, making sure that everything works properly, all electronic devices are charged and that you’re always photoready!

Till next time! Expect me to post the pictures from tomorrow’s Belle de Jour Veterans Party!

Belle de Jour Veterans’ Night

I’ll be going to the Belle de Jour Veterans’ Night on Thursday!


This is their way of thanking people like who have been in the Bella community for a while. It will be an intimate night full of surprises, fun, food, and dancing. The fat cat and dancing… hmm… Hahaha I’m fine with the surprises, fun and food though.

It’s a night to mingle with BDJ Veterans, beauty and lifestyle bloggers, BDJ hosts Tracy Abad, Karen Bordador, Janeena Chan, and Apple David, the BDJ Box Beauty Ministry, and of course, the whole BDJ team 🙂

“Since the theme of the 2016 BDJ planner is Share The Spark, we envision our BDJ Veterans to be the girls who will help our team spread our advocacy to help other bellas find their inner light and believe that they have the power to rekindle it.”
                                                                  -BDJ Team

Gotta go and look for a cocktail dress now. See you there!!!

Blogapalooza 2015 The Biggest Business to Blogger Event

TheFatCatsAdventures.Wordpress.Com got an invite! Yeeey!

For those who don’t know, Blogapalooza is the biggest business to blogger event in the country. What does this mean? Well let’s put it this way, before….well actually even now, businesses send exclusive invites to bloggers to attend their events to get more PR. This is where the business would present their products/services, build relationship with the bloggers and the bloggers would in turn write about them to give their readers an idea of how they’re like and how their products work.

The blogger events then became too many, and it became harder for businesses to arrange everything and well to be honest with you, it became harder for the bloggers too (it’s too expensive and it takes too much time to hop from one event to another).

So the idea is to  pool together the most interesting products and services and invite Bloggers, it saves businesses time and money (transportation, etc.) and gets bloggers access to numerous Businesses. While Businesses enjoy high attendance rates of Bloggers and a very good number to tap.

Blogapalooza Events are composed of a Interesting Business Presentations, Activities, Shows and Networking. Their events are always well attended and has always reached our target number and promise to Businesses and Sponsors. ^-^

Blogapalooza 2015

So… do you think you’re an influential Blogger, Tweeter? Join NOW! CLICK ME TO JOIN !

There would be shows, activities, freebies and you’ll get to know more people! See you there!