About the Fat Cat


Hi call me Mary. About me… Personally, I’m a daughter who likes to treat her mother, a sister who loves to pester and be pestered by her brother, a bestfriend who goes out as much as she could if time permits, a foodie, a baker, a cook, a believer a dreamer and an over-all lover of life.

I work at least 40 hours a weeks as a Communications Trainer for a big healthcare company and only blog on my free time. Blogging helps me by making me socialize more, something I don’t get to do much when you work at night and I get to share my passions, likes and views. I think blogs help the consumers by giving them an honest opinion from a real person of how a service or product is.

About the “fat cat” name. I like hugging and just being “malambing” to the people I love, I easily get surprised and yes I’m a lightweight when it comes to scary stuff so my family calls me mingming or mimmim. Sooo when I became fat, my brother sometimes calls me fat cat! He even came up with the name for my blog!!!


8 thoughts on “About the Fat Cat”

  1. Hellooooo! Just saw your comment on my blog. I’ve been inactive for a while because of work. I didn’t have a hard time claiming the items. I was looking for an email address here or contact page where I can send you a private email to talk about this.

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Follow the bouncing cat in her adventures in life. Doing what she does best, cook, eat, blend her healthy concoctions and just enjoy life as she sees it.

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