Free Range Eggs and Allergies

Recently I’ve noticed that I get allergies whenever I would eat regular eggs. What regular eggs? The white ones that can be bought from groceries.

The thing is, it doesn’t happen when I eat the brown ones or the free-range eggs. They can easily be spotted because they appear to be brown and some would have spots.


How they are different is the regular eggs come from farms where the chickens would be given shots, feeds and mostly not permitted outdoors, while their free-range counterparts would be raised without the use of antibiotics, hormones and would mostly eat grass and small insects outdoors.

So earlier my brother showed me where to buy hardboiled free-range eggs. So yes I am very happy because this is a great after gym snack since I didn’t have time to prepare them myself. ^-^

These native chickens would then lay brown eggs that are more nutritious because their moms have more exposure to sunlight which the chicken’s body convert to vitamin D. The best part is since they are hormone and antibiotic free, they tend to be better for people like me!


4 thoughts on “Free Range Eggs and Allergies”

  1. I have the same experience with wild shrimp versus shrimp raised on farms in Vietnam or China. And farm-fresh apples versus store-bought. Maybe we aren’t allergic to foods but, in some cases, the chemicals in food!

  2. I have my fair share too and I ended up in the hospital for I had a hard time breathing. I don’t know what’s with these eggs right now that makes me sick. If I crave for one, I would get PENOY instead with no allergies at all.

    1. My that’s dangerous. I get hives (pamamantal) and my legs would look like a map after eating some. The thing is it’s always the white ones I’m allergic with. So with our case I think it’s what they were feeding the chickens that we are allergic with.

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