Free Range Eggs and Allergies

Recently I’ve noticed that I get allergies whenever I would eat regular eggs. What regular eggs? The white ones that can be bought from groceries.

The thing is, it doesn’t happen when I eat the brown ones or the free-range eggs. They can easily be spotted because they appear to be brown and some would have spots.


How they are different is the regular eggs come from farms where the chickens would be given shots, feeds and mostly not permitted outdoors, while their free-range counterparts would be raised without the use of antibiotics, hormones and would mostly eat grass and small insects outdoors.

So earlier my brother showed me where to buy hardboiled free-range eggs. So yes I am very happy because this is a great after gym snack since I didn’t have time to prepare them myself. ^-^

These native chickens would then lay brown eggs that are more nutritious because their moms have more exposure to sunlight which the chicken’s body convert to vitamin D. The best part is since they are hormone and antibiotic free, they tend to be better for people like me!


#perksofabella ACE Water Spa Buy 1 Take 1 Belle de Jour Coupon Experience

It is not a secret that that this is my favorite coupon from the BDJ Planner that I get every year. So it wouldn’t be a surprise if this is the first one  that I will be using.


The last few weeks felt like a blur. The first two weeks proved to be challenge coming from sickness, trying to recuperate from the holidays, trying to smoosh my social and family life to my busy work schedule then trying to take care of my sick mom while trying to recover from the 2-4 hour a day sleep I had in a long time is very draining.

So last weekend, my mom and I went to ACE Water Spa for a much needed rest and relaxation. I just gave my coupon, paid Php550.00 then we were given our keys. Pardon for the fuzzy pictures as I was just using my cellphone camera.

We then proceeded to shower and change into our rash guards and cycling shorts. For those who would like to ask why we wore rashguards, it is because of the varying pressures of the water. Sometimes the pressure gets so high it ends up displacing what you are wearing, even undies. So it is recommended to wear rash guards than a swimsuit. No worries I;m sure you’ll have fun!

When we went there a glass panel from the viewing area got broken so I’ll just share the pic c/o their website:
ACE Water Spa

ACE Water Spa is a place for people of all ages, may they be kids or adults.  If you’re a swimmer and would just like to have a few laps, the pools are often not in use because most would just be there for the massage! ^-^

Why is this place called a Water Spa and why is it called a Hydro Massage?

This is a kind of massage that utilizes “Ultrasonic Jet System” this massages specific areas of the body with its aquatic jets strategically located to relax and soothe tired and aching muscles. This treatment is best done in heated water. So when you’re there you’ll realize that the pool is indeed heated.

Their massages are categorized as soft, moderate and hard massages. Because of these, the customers are assured of the same consistent experience. This also personalizes your massage because it gives the customer the freedom to decide which water equipment to use and which part of his body needs more attention. You can even opt to stay in one place even for an hour, though it is not recommended because it might lead to muscle pain and fatigue.

Kids would even have their own area to play on with slides, a basketball hoop, a lazy river and a fun area where you pull a string and a bucket or water would fall on you. Believe me, I am not a kid but I enjoyed the bucket splash immensely. I often use this after enjoying the hot herbal pools.

Speaking of the Hot Herbal Pools, they have four but only three are marked. They are:
Mint Pool
Has the temperature of 36 C.
Jasmine Pool
This pool is marked at 38 C. will surely make you invigorated while relaxing your muscles.
Lavender Pool
is the hottest pool with 40 C as its temperature, while the lavender scent keeps the skin soft and smooth.

Tips in using the Hot Herbal Pools:

  • I usually go there in that order because if you don’t you’ll feel like it’s too hot. You would want your body to adapt to the heat first before going to a hotter pool.
  • The suggested use per Hot Herbal Pool is about 2-5 minutes. I would suggest leaning into the steel pillows around the pool as they are cold and so your blood pressure wouldn’t rise.
  • This is best for people with chronic muscular pain, or stiffness on their muscles as it relaxes your muscles.
  • You can use the cold pool after using a hot herbal pool and dipping into another pool.
    Immersion on hot herbal pool will open up pores to allow the release of body toxins while stimulating blood flow to the core of the body while tightening the pores. Alternate immersion is recommended to keep your body temperature and heart rate at a healthy level. If it is too cold for you, you will find a shower nearby.
  • Still feeling hot? Keep cool by drinking some water. There’s always a water station near the Hot Herbal Pool.

Doesn’t it sound relaxing? So go ahead and use your ACE Water Spa Buy 1 Take 1 Coupon!