The Dermcare Story

Dermcare is one of the Philippines’ leading skin, hair, and wellness centers for more than 20 years. It is where you can escape from life’s daily stresses, and bask in pure body and soul pampering in their network of branches all over the country.

Dermcare Story

At Dermcare, you can have a relaxing and therapeutic facials or retreat to our their luxurious spa for a soothing massage that will stimulate your body’s own healing process. Their lavish body scrubs and signature skin and body treatments, are sure to delight and make you feel good all over.

Dermcare Story2

As a total center for wellness and beauty, they also have specialized services for the hair, and other Dermatological treatments provided by duly-licensed physicians and therapists.


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Beauty Secrets Mud Products’ December Launch

Jordan's Beauty Secrets Inc
Jordan’s Beauty Secrets Inc

Beauty Secrets is the only brand in the world with the widest range of facial mud products from the dead sea. And the great thing about this is they would be soon be available in the major malls here in the Philippines. They’ve actually been around  for 20 years and are available in 65 countries.

Beauty Secrets

Beauty Secrets' wide array of products.
Beauty Secrets’ wide array of products.

The mud from the dead sea has been used for generations, but only Beauty Secrets use ALL NATURAL ingredients that are compliant with the European Cosmetic Standards and ISO 22716 Certification. Ladies these certifications are a huge deal. It is not an easy thing to get them and this also proves that the products are indeed quality.

Only Beauty Secrets Facial Mud and its other products from the dead sea will have 21 minerals like Magnesium, Potassium, Cloride, Bromide, Sodium, Iodine, Calcium to name a few and ingredients like Aloe Vera, Collagen, Sage, Chamomile, Avocadine, Jojoba, Vitamin E and Ginger Roots.

The Benefits of Dead Sea Minerals
The Benefits of Dead Sea Minerals

With more than 120 products, Beauty Secrets is a model of consistent product phylosophy and uncompromising quality when it comes to face, body and spa treatments which is distributed by Jordan’s Beauty Secret Inc.

The Benefits of Dead Sea Mud

We were actually given a demonstration and we were also able to use their salts, massage oil, lotion and finally their mud. It was unlike the other ones I’ve tried. Please take note that their products are all natural. So expect it to smell sweet and nice without being overpowering. I’ll be showing a short review of the Mud Treatment in another post. Because Newsflash , we’ve been using the Mud treatment incorrectly and we were shown how!

Beauty Secret’s Lavender Salt and Massage Oil

To book your personalized facial and body scrub treatment you can visit their Facebook Page. To know more about Beauty Secrets’ Products please visit their Website.

Trust Issues and The Philippine Airports (Rant Warning)

Most people know I was raised in New York…Cubao. 😉 And even at that time thievery and the like was very rampant. Living in Quezon City opened my young eyes to bad things. Being trustful, I was trained not to talk to strangers, be utterly mindful of my belongings and keeping a straight face or just frown specially when walking alone.  Why? Looking happy and vulnerable makes you look like an easy target. Specially when you’re young, alone, small, and a girl.

I’ve seen people’s belongings get snatched twice on a single trip, a child getting kidnaped and was almost victimized by pickpockets twice.

We then let our shields go when we’re in good company, at home, with friends, in a secured environment like at home in a good restaurant or an airport because there are LOTS of CCTVs? Right??? Well well well not anymore! Because in the past few weeks we hear news of evil people planting bullets in the passenger’s belongings.


Now for those who don’t know, in the Philippines when you are caught with ammunition may it be a gun, a bullet or a sack of bullets, you will have to be detained. It makes no sense what you can do with a single bullet with no gun, but rules are rules.

This is the corrupt and evil airport people’s way to extort money. And in the last few weeks we get stories after stories of people getting extorted, detained or worse having their livelihoods destroyed because they don’t have money to offer. Like in the case of the OFW who was on her way to her employer.

My gosh. First this doesn’t make sense. What will you do to a single bullet without a gun? I doubt that a quarter of the people who were “caught” with a bullet have held a gun in their lifetime. Secondly, from September day in and day out we see news like such in the internet or on TV and yet what did the Palace (Where the President resides. Similar to US’ Whitehouse) do? They downplay the reports! They think that people are overreacting.

Wow just wow! Let me show you what Secretary Hermino Coloma stated:

“Kailangan din natin ilagay sa tamang konteksto. Libu-libo ang gumagamit ng paliparan at iilan lang naman ‘yung mga nakitaan ng ganitong mga—nakitaan ng bala, at lahat ng insidenteng ito ay sinisiyasat nang naaayon sa batas at nagbibigay ng sapat na pagkilala sa karapatang-pantao at mga legal rights ng mga sangkot na indibidwal, kaya ilagay natin sa tamang perspektibo, libu-libong mga Pilipino at mga dayuhan ang dumadaan sa ating international airport at mainam naman ang daloy ng tao sa ating mga paliparan. Sa kabila ‘non ay iniimbestiga at sinisiyasat ang mga pangyayaring ito,”

Translation: We need to put this into proper context. There are thousands of people who use the airport and it is just few who were caught with a bullet/bullets, and all incidents are being looked into according to the law and the people who were caught are given their rights. So let’s put this into proper context because there are thousands of Filipinos and foreigners who use our international airports and we have a good flow of people in our airports. Despite this we are investigating and looking into these incidents.

So wow “We need to put this into proper context.” because “There are thousands of people who use the airport and it is just few who were caught with a bullet/bullets” Can I just be blunt and say that this is one of the most stupid official statements I’ve ever heard.

These incidents made many cancel their flights to and from the Philippines. And not just that, it is a very scandalous way to start a speech. Shrug it off people because out of thousands we only get a few a day. Because everyone thinks that all of the people who fly are stinking rich! Hearing this in the news made me have a 10 minute facepalm moment. I’ve never felt this ashamed of our said leaders this much. And I am very very very sad of what is happening and what might happen to our beautiful country.

We have a beautiful country with talented and hardworking people. This is not just a rant, this is a shoutout to the people who can make a difference. Would the Filipinos always have to live in fear wherever they go in the country? Can we really not rely on the people we elected to solve corruption even to the smallest degree? Can the people no longer trust the police or anyone who are given power to protect the people but are instead using it for their own gain? This is not the Filipino dream. Please do something.

Please sign the online petition for this which can be found here. Change.Org Link.