The Liebster Award

The Fat Cat Got Nominated for the Liebster Award!

The Liebster AwardWhat is a Liebster Award?

This award is something  that exists only on the internet. Like the Ice Bucket Challenge this is given to bloggers by other bloggers and you answer some questions and ask the next. It’s a fun game. Where you would be able to get to know the people who would answer your nomination and the person who tagged you. Kinda reminds me of Friendster.  Hahaha.

In my case Bette from the Eunnies Inspirational Blog tagged me. Thanks again sis!

Here are the Mechanics:

Liebster Award Mechanics
Liebster Award Mechanics

Bette’s Questions:

1. What is success for you? Success for me is being contented with what I have, what I can do and what I can give.
2. What is your wildest dream? Being Hermione Granger. What? You said dream!
3. Who do you look up to in your life,why? Actually I have two. That would be our Mom for loving us unconditionally and my Uncle for always being there guiding us spiritually and morally.
4. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done? It’s too crazy to be posted online.
5. What do you think is the hardest job,why? Being a mother. It’s a 24/7 job that you cannot resign from.
6. If you will be the President, what is the first thing in your “to do list”? Fight corruption and tax minimization.
7. What is you favorite place to visit? Tagaytay. I miss going there alone to just read a good book and reflect.
8. What is your favorite quotation? I don’t have one.
9. If you will be given one wish to have , what would it be? For everyone to have compassion.
10. Tell me about your greatest achievement? Being able to know that I can stand on my two feet.
11. What is the greatest thing you’ve ever done to a friend? Being a true friend.

11 Random Facts About Me
1. I like cats but I love dogs.
2. If there ate two things I can talk about the whole day, that would be dogs and food.
3. I love the chocolate Three Musketeers.
4. I can cook, bake and EAT.
5. I’ve been reading Harry Potter fanfiction for the last 14 years.
6. I believe in keeping a small group of friends.
7. I like it when it is cloudy.
8. I believe in forever I just haven’t found mine yet. 9. I think that writing a handwritten note or letter is sweeter than getting an email or a text message.
10. I believe in hard work.
11. I love my family.

My Questions:
1. If you have a choice, would you rather go back in time to correct one mistake or get a million dollars?
2. Would you choose a person who loves you more than you love them or a person you love more than they love you?
3. What is your measure of success?
4. The first song that would come into your mind is..?
5. Why do you blog?
6. What is the best thing you did for yourself?
7. What will be your money saving tip?
8. Do you love your job?
9. If you can only keep one thing. What would that be?
10. If you can have one wish, what would that be?
11. What advice can you give for people who are looking for a significant other?

My nominees are:


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