The Belle de Jour 2016 Planner

Thanks for the 2016 Planner BDJ!

Last night 20 lucky BDJ Veterans were able to have a glimpse at Belle de Jour’s 10 new products. And also take not just freebies but also the 2016 BDJ Planner home! COOL HUH?!

Click the link to see the planner's contents.

The new planner will be available in 3 yes 3 new designs. The regular one with the colorful cover, the leatherette planner as shown above and the Petit Planner which is well, petite.  Hahahaha

The Petit Planner is small and handy but would lack coupons and well I love those coupons specially the ones for ACE Water Spa!

Every planner you get on Sunday entitles you to the raffle,  where you can win a Lenovo Powerbank! So ask your friends if they’ll want you to get the discounted planner for them so you’ll have more chances of winning!  😉 See you there!


4 thoughts on “The Belle de Jour 2016 Planner”

  1. I’m excited to have my own BDJ planner! =)

    I won’t go for the star bucks planner na since it seems like they always have similar concepts of their planner every year. I find this BDJ planner very creative and interactive

    1. Hay sis I understand you completely. Plus the BDJ planner pushes you towards a goal of self-improvement and helps you try new things. My gosh and there’s always the discounts! You’ll enjoy it. That’s for sure! 🙂

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