My Brother and Spaghetti.

My brother and I go to the gym at least once a week. For those who know me, yes it’s new and I’ve been doing it since August, while my beloved brother does it at least 3 times a week for the last five or so years. A certified and proud gym buff.

While at the gym earlier this conversation happened:

Me: Kuya wag na tayo kumain dito.
Kuya: Ah oo.
Me: I’ll cook spaghetti na lang yung meaty.
Kuya: *Gives me one of his goofiest smiles which looks like this:

Mary-Louise Mari's photo.
And so we went to the grocery where I said:
Me: Kuya I bought a lot of ground beef wag na tayo mag hotdog sa spaghetti ha?
Kuya: Huh? But it’s not spaghetti without hotdogs… *sad face*
Me: Hahahahaha

*My brother is so cute.*

Then we saw these:

Mary-Louise Mari's photo.
 Yup! That’s a pack of GIANT Tender Juicy HOTDOGS!!! They were like an inch and a half in diameter and about the size of two and a half King Size hotdogs. I almost bought them because wow!!! I think they super-sized it because all the kids who were their fans already grew into adults. Hahaha. Gotta try this next time!
How about you guys? Have you tried this? How was it?

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