Blogapalooza 2015 The Biggest Business to Blogger Event

TheFatCatsAdventures.Wordpress.Com got an invite! Yeeey!

For those who don’t know, Blogapalooza is the biggest business to blogger event in the country. What does this mean? Well let’s put it this way, before….well actually even now, businesses send exclusive invites to bloggers to attend their events to get more PR. This is where the business would present their products/services, build relationship with the bloggers and the bloggers would in turn write about them to give their readers an idea of how they’re like and how their products work.

The blogger events then became too many, and it became harder for businesses to arrange everything and well to be honest with you, it became harder for the bloggers too (it’s too expensive and it takes too much time to hop from one event to another).

So the idea is to  pool together the most interesting products and services and invite Bloggers, it saves businesses time and money (transportation, etc.) and gets bloggers access to numerous Businesses. While Businesses enjoy high attendance rates of Bloggers and a very good number to tap.

Blogapalooza Events are composed of a Interesting Business Presentations, Activities, Shows and Networking. Their events are always well attended and has always reached our target number and promise to Businesses and Sponsors. ^-^

Blogapalooza 2015

So… do you think you’re an influential Blogger, Tweeter? Join NOW! CLICK ME TO JOIN !

There would be shows, activities, freebies and you’ll get to know more people! See you there!


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