#bloggys2015 Philippine Blogging Awards Gala Night

About three weeks ago, my friends and co-bloggers(can I say that?) Bea and King posted about Bloggys 2015 and how happy they are to get an invite. And when I checked it out I definitely would want to join! So I hurriedly filled-out the forms and became so happy when I got an invite yesterday.

Bloggys is the Philippines’ premiere blog awarding event, where finest bloggers in the country are given their due recognition. Being there would give me a chance to be with friends, know more people, make new friends, be with people of similar interests and know more about blogging and how to improve my writing.

#bloggys2015, Philippine Blogging Awards Gala Night
#bloggys2015, Philippine Blogging Awards Gala Night

So what are the other perks of being there you say? Well they actually did send them to me so let me show you…

As a blogger and our guest of honor, you’ll enjoy:

  • An awards show of the finest bloggers in the Philippines
  • Witnessing a key event in Philippine history
  • Networking with businesses who have freebies and perks for bloggers
  • Building relationship with niche influencers, trend setters and buzz ambassadors

So, if you are a blogger and have a passion for writing, c’mon and sign up! See you all there!

My Invite to #bloggys2015
My Invite to #bloggys2015

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