#PerksOfABella ACE Coffee Lounge Php 500.00 Lunch Buffet

My mom and I were able to use my Belle De Jour coupons and enjoyed it a lot too!

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For the past year and a half, since discovering that ACE Water Spa is a cool and VERY fun way to relax, unwind and bond with family and friends, I’ve highly appreciated the Buy 1 Take 1 4 Hour hydrotherapy coupon that we get from the journal. And it is just recently that we’ve discovered ACE Coffee Lounge. So having the Php 500.00 Lunch Buffet coupon is a treat!

They have different food stations and one of my favorites is the pasta station. This is where you can pick the ingredients and the chef will cook it for you. You just ave to say what the sauce will be, And since I love garlic, I chose Angelhair Aglio Olio with capers, shrimp and bacon. To say that it is devine is simply an understatement.

Aglio Olio Ace Lounge
My own version of Aglio Olio

They also had a station for steaks and sushi. Their steak is good but their sushi selection can be better. Their veggies are cooked the right way and you can taste their freshness. *Sigh* Just writing this post makes me want to go there ASAP to reacquaint myself with their food. Hahaha

Steak, seafoods, chow mien, steamed veggies and a whole lot of fruits! #PerksOfABella
Steak, seafoods, chow mien, steamed veggies and a whole lot of fruits!

Here’s a pic of my gorgeous mom and I. At the bottom right corner of the pic is the shabu-shabu I had made. It is beside the grilling station and you get to chose your own ingredients. Knowing how to cook is a big thing when making these things and it’s just awesome!

Ace Coffee Lounge
Taken at the Ace Coffee Lounge while my mom and I were having or meal.

All in all I’m really sorry since I wasn’t able to take more pics. But seeing this place just got me so excited. So hopefully I’d show you the food stations next time. >.< The selections aren’t as extensive as Viking’s or Yakimix but their food is very yummy and the quality is great! Definitely recommend this and would go back there again!


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