BDJ Box Elite: Corporate Chic

Hello again! After three long months of not showing my unboxing, (please forgive me I am going through a rough patch) I will make it up to you by showing the contents of my very first BDJ Box Elite! Woooot!!

So It was only last Thursday when I saw this and I instantly thought.. “I have to get this!”. Lo and behold they don’t have office till October 22. So I got sad because I want to have one ASAP. But since I’ll be coming to the 2014 BDJ Fair, I though I can ask more questions! So it’s a win win situation! Then a lovely girl from the BDJ team told me that I can pay there I was so relieved! I didn’t want to fall in line in the bank since that would eat up the time that I should be spending having fun but when I met with Leah of the BDJ Team she told be that I can get the Corporate Chic Elite Box on the spot! AWESOME!!!

Leah Salvatierra of the BDJ Team can be seen manning the booth for their different planners and Elite Box.
Leah Salvatierra of the BDJ Team can be seen manning the booth for their different planners and Elite Boxes.

If you can read this Leah thanks for assisting me! I really do appreciate your help! ^-^

The BDJ Box Elite : Corporate Chic – Php 1480.00

The BDJ Box Elite : Corporate Chic
The BDJ Box Elite : Corporate Chic

Description : We’re happy to share with you our essentials to effortlessly look pulled together and exude confidence while you’re working from nine-to-five. We know your busy schedules leave little time for tedious skincare routines or elaborate makeup looks. For an on-the-go woman like you, we’ve selected products that work their magic round the clock, so you can focus on your task at hand, and know that you look amazing doing so.

Add extraordinary shine to your hair by lathering up with a shampoo that has a unique concentrated oil formula, which promises to give you soft, shiny and healthy hair while protecting its color and vibrancy. Afterwards, smooth on a hard-working hair potion that’s multifunctional and perfect for all hair types. Avoid early morning rush disasters with a magic eyeliner that glides on quickly and can last the whole day! Get a polished and sophisticated finish to your look by swiping on a creamy lipstick and topping it off with a nourishing lip gloss. After a hard day’s work, draw out the dirt and congestion brought by the city streets with super mud masks, which work in as fast as 10 minutes!

Lastly, all these items are packed inside a pouch that’s both chic and handy. Place those daily beauty items you’ll need inside so everything is within easy reach. No need to rummage through your bag for that runaway product. With these items, we hope you’ll enjoy your mornings with a lot less makeup work to do before you step into the office. Get ready to bring out that confident corporate Bella in you!

K-Palette 1 Day Magic Eyeliner –  Php 695.00 

Bid goodbye to eyeliner application woes with K-palette 1Day Magic Liquid Eyeliner! With its ingenious two-sided brush, you can use the flat side to get three times the thickness in a single stroke, while its pointed side is great for super thin lines. The long-wearing formula allows it to stay on your lids the whole workday, so you don’t need to keep checking for smudges. Defining your eyes will now be a breeze!

Verdict: I’ve only tried liquid eyeliner once. I’m a huge fan of the pencil kind but I’m open to new things. Upon seeing the product I can’t help but appreciate it’s cute packaging and once I opened it, it reminded me of a calligraphy brush. It looks so cool. I tried applying it to my hand before I went to sleep last night and smudge it around 10 seconds after application. IT DOESN’T GO AWAY! Good job! So I guess it’s really meant to stay the entire day!  I was able to erase it by using facial wash this morning. I’m looking forward to applying this to my face later. Wish me luck! ^-^

Canmake Candy Lip Wrap – Php 410.00

Canmake Tokyo Candy Lip Wrap
Stand out in your workplace with this beautifully sheer lip gloss packed with beauty essence and moisturizing agents such as hyaluronic acid, squalane, honey and royal jelly extract. It comes in a fleur honey shade that’s lightly tinted and super shiny, to highlight your pucker. Just apply one coat and it will spread evenly over your lips, so you’re ready to show off a polished and sophisticated finish!

Verdict : Well upon trying this I liked how moist my lips feel. I’m not fond of too much pigments on my lips but this is a sheer color and it actually adds just the right amount of oomph. The only thing that’s a little let down for me is it’s too glossy for me. Hahaha. Nevertheless it serves it’s purpose so I think it’s a good thing.

Revlon Superlustrous Lipstick – Blushing Mauve – Php 350.00

Command the attention of everyone with just one swipe of Revlon’s most iconic lipstick. Women around the world have made it one of the brands bestsellers, and with good reason — its LiquiSilk™ formula seals in color and softness, while Vitamin E and Avocado oil conditions lips and ensures no tackiness. It’s everything you want in a lipstick encased in a sleek black tube, so you can bring it everywhere you go.

Verdict: I’m not a big fan of lipsticks. I usually give them to my mom after trying them out since I like highlighting my eyes more. But this one is an exemption! I love how it adds just the right amount of pink and how moisturized it leaves my lips.

Pureology Precious Oil Shamp’oil 250ml – Php 1125.00


Start your workdays right with soft and healthy hair. This Pureology Philippines shamp’oil is made of a ZeroSulfate, ZeroSilicone concentrated-oil formula that promises to restore and replenish hair while protecting your hair color’s vibrancy! It’s formulated with a unique oil delivery system that penetrates deep into the hair fiber. Just apply a quarter sized amount of this shamp’oil, lather up, and nourish your hair effortlessly!

Verdict: I’m not sure if I was able to say this on my last post BDJ Fair 2014: Live It Up but it was then that I had first had my hair colored. The day after I found that the color had change my hair’s texture as it can be quite obvious while shampooing. So this product came just in the nick of time! As it promises to protect my hair and it’s color. My hair feels wonderful after too. I’ve tried shampooing it with my regular shampoo the day after I had it colored and then I tried this yesterday. My mane was much more manageable after!

Davines Oi/Oil – 12ml – Php 800.00 


Add extraordinary shine while repairing your hair and with the help of protective breathable silicones and antioxidant-rich roucou oil found in this lightweight hair serum. It instantly tames frizz and nourishes hair to prevent hair aging and breakage. Just a couple of drops of this multipurpose Davines oi oil to your damp or dry hair, and you’re good to go. No wonder it’s raved about by magazine editors and beauty experts!

Verdict:  Had first come across this on the fair when I had my hair styled in the Davines booth. My hair though well made and ironed felt so protected and soft after. And since this is only a 12ml sample bottle, I’ll be saving the precious drops for special occasions. Hahaha

Glamglow Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment Masque and Supermud Clearing Treatment – Php 3750.00 Each


Add extraordinary shine while repairing your hair and with the help of protective breathable silicones and antioxidant-rich roucou oil found in this lightweight hair serum. It instantly tames frizz and nourishes hair to prevent hair aging and breakage. Just a couple of drops of this multipurpose Davines oi oil to your damp or dry hair, and you’re good to go. No wonder it’s raved about by magazine editors and beauty experts!

Let this magical Glamglow Philippines mud draw out the dirt and congestion after a day’s work! Its Activated-X Charcoal keeps face and pores smooth and healthy-looking as it contains a formula clinically developed by dermatological chemist to target, heal, and prevent common skin concerns including breakouts, and discoloration.

Verdict: This product has a cult following online. I first saw this a few months ago in Youtube  through GraveyardGirl. She’s a popular Vlogger and usually tests if products sold online or in the TV work. I honestly haven’t tried it yet because between unpacking, cleaning and job hunting I don’t have much time yet. I plan to though before this week ends.

Simply She Cosmetic Pouch – Php 400.00


Shave off a few minutes from your makeup prep time before going to work with this SimplyShe Cosmetic Pouch that’s both chic and handy for the on-the-go lady. It’s roomy and compact at the same time, so you can bring it you wherever you go. Just put your make-up staples inside and you’ve got everything you need within easy reach!

Verdict: I so love this bag’s color and it doesn’t look cheap! It’s has a padded interior so It would protect your things from minor bumps. I also usually travel light when going on a trip so my cosmetics would definitely fit. If not then it might be a bag for snacks when I start working again. Hahaha.

Overall, the BDJ Box Elite: Corporate Chic is a great find specially because I will be able to use each and every product inside the package. What made it special was that I was also able to chose the shade of Revlon lipstick which turned out to be a very nice and wearable shade. I’ve also been meaning to try the K-Palette 1 Day Magic so this solves my curiosity. Once again the BDJ Team had released a successful box! ^-^ I’ll certainly wait for the next one! 




6 thoughts on “BDJ Box Elite: Corporate Chic”

  1. Yay! I just received mine last week and I can’t wait to unbox (or should I say unbag cause it’s in a makeup bag? haha). My fave would be of course, the K-palette one! I peek through the items but I’m not sure if I have the lippie, I’ll check. Ganda ng makeup bag ano? 🙂

    1. Will look forward to your review! I’ve got the lippie in Blushing Mauve. It’s a decent color to wear in the office. And yeah I love the bag! One of the reasons why I decided to get it. Hahaha! Thanks Gen-zel! ^-^

  2. hello 🙂 I just wanna know how did you get the BDJ box? hehehe I have my planner na and its my first time to use it. then, nag start narin akong i-check ung mga websites nila and I’m so excited kasi hindi lang sya as in planner. I also bought the 2014 planner noon kaso hindi ko sya nagamit ng maayos. nasayang lang as in pati ung mga coupons walang bawas. so I promised myself that this 2015 i’ll use the planner na talaga:)

  3. Hihi thank you Mary! I just read this. 🙂 Have you used up the items in your box already? Hope you enjoyed the Elite box! 🙂

    1. Hi Leah. Haven’t seen you in the last event. I’ve used most of the products and I actually bought some K-Pallete products from the last event because they were discounted by 30%! Wow huh?! I use the make-up pouch almost everyday and it gets noticed a lot too. I’m now subscribed to the elite boxes for Nov and Dec and hopefully to the next ones for 2016. 🙂 Hope to see you in MOA on October!

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