Lets Talk About Waxing Part 1: Nanny Rose’s Queen Bee Wax Review

Queen Bee Hot or Cold Wax. This can be bought in Watsons or SM Department Store.

Hi everyone! I had been busy lately and I know that you’ve noticed that I haven’t been posting that much. But I’ll be posting more reviews soon as this is a two part review on home waxing!

Soooo waxing. I often have mine done at the mall. I have tried everything hot, cold and my new favorite warm waxing. And if you’ve tried this a lot of times you can save money by waxing small areas by yourself at home.

I once bought a sugaring kit from the Beauty Bar and I wracked-up a bill of more than a thousand! So for these items I’ll be reviewing you shouldn’t worry because these will the be the cheap local counterparts! Woooot!


So this one is bought at Watson’s! It’s said to be made from honey and calamansi. So it’s nice that it’s natural.

The great things about the product

  • It is natural
  • I like the packaging. It looks cute and the hard box prevents it from getting knocked around and spilling all over your bag.
  • The medium sized one 100g only costed me P125.00
  • You can microwave it to heat it up.
  • Packaging contains information like ingredients, expiry date and how tos.
  • You can use the product hot or cold. I prefer using this while it’s warm. It opens up your pores and pulls the hair with the follicles.
  • Box contains washable cloths and a applicator sticks. I would recommend throwing away the sticks to avoid contamination. Just buy a new popsicle stick in the grocery or mercury drug.
  • It removes most of the hair on your first pull.
  • It takes a while for hair to grow. I a condition called PCOS and it makes hair grow very fast! So shaving is not an option.

What I didn’t like:

  • It feels sticky after application. But what do I expect it’s made of honey and sugar?

My recommendation:

  • Apply some powder before waxing the area.
  • Heat some water and a washcloth before waxing. So you can use the warm water and washcloth to wash-off the sticky residue after waxing.
  • Be prepared. Use the remaining hot/warm water to rinse the cloth. This is good for washing them too as the product and your hair can be easily cleaned with the warm water

I definitely will buy another one of these. Considering that cold waxing the underarm area costs at least P125.00 and this costs the same too! I think I can use this around 5 times so that’s around P25.00 and I don’t have to tip myself too!