Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara Review

They’re Real Mascara (Php 1300 for 8.5ml)

I received this mascara with my June BDJ Box and soooo here’s my review.

Now just a quick overview the They’re real Mascara is said to lengthen, curl, volumize, lift and separates lashes. The jet black, long-wearing formula is said not to smudge or dry out. A specially designed brush will reveal the lashes you never knew you had!

They're Real Mascara

I am a fan of great waterproof mascaras because I like washing my face mid-day to get rid of facial oil. And not having a smudgeproof mascara is a big mistake for people like me since it is very difficult to get rid of mascara stains without a make-up remover on hand. Also a waterproof mascara is a great tool to have with the tropical climate here in the Philippines. With the warm to scorching hot weather and the rains that we experience we really need a long-wearing make-up.

At first glance the product looks promising with the before and after pic and the test ratings at the side of the box.Now lets see how it fares.


My eyes look happier!
My eyes look happier!

The Verdict: The wand is also awesome for getting into those tight spots at the ends of your lashes. It does make your eyelashes look really long! However, there has been some issues with clumping but a few more applications and it’s okay! Plus this mascara is difficult to get off! Just the way I like it! It lasts me the entire day and even with my afternoon facial washes it’s still there. That’s the beauty with a lasting mascara if you get your face wet you won’t look like a panda. So I’d definitely recommend this and actually I did so I gave it to my friend who is also a makeup artist Mitch. See, good things are meant to be shared? 

Mitch my makeup-loving friend and our office's resident makeup artist. See how happy she is?
Mitch my makeup-loving friend and our office’s resident makeup artist. See how happy she is?



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