BDJ Box Beauty Soiree: Get Pixy-fied! A Kawaii Experience

Hello there bellas and guys! Sorry I wasn’t able to update my page last night as I decided to roam around Megamall after the event anyway let’s go and start blogging about the event like really!

The Pixy Beauty Soiree was held in The Blackboard by Chef Michael in Podium.

We started at around 2PM where we were able to have tasty snacks (pancit and chicken wraps) and my were they yummy?! Yes they were and I’m somehow glad that they served them since I arrived half an hour past noon because of the 1PM call time.

The Blackboard's snack buffet of Chicken Wraps and Pancit.
The Blackboard’s snack buffet of Chicken Wraps and Pancit.

I was also glad to be with some other bellas again, some who I met at the Revlon Nail Art event and another I met in an office training and also meet other people with like interests.

Our table! This pic was borrowed from Magie of Fab Sparkle.
Our table! This pic was borrowed from Magie of Fab Sparkle.

So after eating, Iana introduced herself. For those who don’t know, Iana is part of the Belle de Jour team and she was the one whom we sent out the entries to. And honestly she’s so pretty! She also gets to be the first model or guinea pig as she fondly calls it.


She also introduced Liz Lanuzo who is also incharge of Pixy’s Marketing here in the Philippines.

Liz Lanuzo the Marketing and PR Consultant for Pixy Philippines

What I like with Liz is that she has used the product a lot so she know what to recommend and how to market Pixy! So a brief history about Pixy. It is a Japanese brand which is made and also sold in Indonesia. The great thing about it is that it is specifically made for Asian skin. And since Indonesians have about the same complexion as us Filipinas then the products look good for ladies with morena complexions! Great right? Cause come on not all of us have a fair complexion and morena beauties like me need to chose shades to complement us better. Hmmm what else… oh yeah! Pixy also took into consideration of the tropical climate when they created the product which resulted to the product being long-wearing.

The Pixy product explained. ^-^

The next lady on the mic was Ms.Charm Suerte. She’s a UP graduate turned make-up professional because she wanted to work with her passion which is make-up!

Ms.Charm Suerte our make-up artist for this event.

We will be seeing two great looks recommended for daily wear the Tokyo Kawaii (Cute) Look which is great for day wear and the Tokyo Glam look which is great for parties and evening events.

Pixy Kawai Look
Pixy Kawai Look
Tokyo Glam look
Tokyo Glam look

So for the Tokyo Kawaii look Iana was the model and the great thing with Charm was she told us many tips while she’s doing Iana’s make up.

  • When buying make-up specially foundation, try it on first then check if it matches your skin tone. Then if it does, window shop for a bit and after about an hour or two, if it is still lasting then go buy it.
  • Are there times when you apply face powder or foundation then the next moment it turned darker? Then you are acidic. So buy foundation which is a shade lighter than your skin tone.
  • When using powder make-up and you are using a brush as an applicator then flick it a little so the excess powder will fall on the floor instead on your face.
  • Do not directly apply on lipstick from testers. That’s unhygienic.
  • Wash your sponge and brushes after use to prevent bacterial growth and your skin getting infected.
  • If you’re not sure about make-up then try it on the back of your hand first to see if it looks good on your skin.
  • Before applying make-up make sure that you have a clean face.
  • If you can’t wash your face then use a cleansing sheet, cleansing oil or wipes. 
  • Chinita girls would have a hard time using liquid eye-liner so you can use dark eyeshadow to set the liquid and not make it stick all over your eye.
  • Powder eyebrow make-up looks more natural but if you will be wet or will go swimming then use the pencil kind since it lasts longer.
  • Want to have make-up last longer? Moist your make-up brush when applying. Honestly? I damp my face with water when applying my make-up specially my brows.
  • Problem with eyebags? Conceal it! The concealer won’t work? Add little of something orange and matte to your concealer, blend it and slowly apply. This will kill the dark color of your eyebags.
  • Want your eyeshadow to last longer? Use a primer! You don’t have a primer? Then dab on a concealer!
  • Have angry looking zits? Add something green to your concealer to kill the angry red color of your zit!

So there after everything Iana looks more pretty and kawaii!


Our table got to share Pixy’s set which is really nice… Pixy would you have one of these for sale? I mean whou wouldn’t want one? There are so many colors to choose from and use? It’s all there look!

The Pixy set I want!
The Pixy set I want!


I myself tried on the Tokyo Glam look. It has the smoky-eye thing going on and I guess it went okay since I got many compliments.

Guess who the fat cat found? It's Genzel of Genzel Kisses!
Guess who the fat cat found? It’s Genzel of Genzel Kisses!
Looks Glam Right?!
Looks Glam Right?!
Looks Glam Right?!
Looks Glam Right?!

After application we had a chance to take pictures and post them in Instagram for a promo! Two of the prettiest bellas will win a Pixy giftset. I’m hoping to be one of them!

After everything is over we were given a giveaway. And they are just cute! I got an eye shadow set which I like a lot since I threw away my old ones and it’s impractical for me to buy new ones if I won’t use the colors that often. So I am really happy with my giveaway. But that’s not all, in the giveaway is a cute keychain mirror for Pixy and a lovely sugar cookie which looks too good to be eaten.

20140712_201945 20140712_202024

So we were not able to exclusively use the make-up set since we have to share it but it was great and I loved using it. I specially like the lipstick 118 Satin and when Pixy becomes available in a shop near me, I’ll definitely buy that. Which is something because I don’t buy lipstick that often.

The event would’ve been better if we had our own make-up sets to try but the event all in all was good and I was able to learn so many things. So thank you very much BDJ Box and Pixy Philippines! And to the gals who weren’t able to attend, I believe that this is one of many events Pixy Philippines will sponsor to expose their lovely brand. Thank you for reading my blog and I hope that you enjoyed!



4 thoughts on “BDJ Box Beauty Soiree: Get Pixy-fied! A Kawaii Experience”

  1. Yeah, it would have been better if each person had their own makeup palettes. But hey, sharing was fun, too! Overall, I enjoyed the event. It was my first time to attend a BDJ Box Soiree. I enjoyed PIXY products so I bought my own mascara and liquid eyeliner yesterday at Watsons SM Aura. So affordable and no regrets at all because I love the products!

    – Tess Termulo (

    1. Hi Tess thanks for commenting. Yeah it was loads of fun sharing the palate specially with the bellas since you can see them try different shades and see how it works out. The thing with having your own is that you can have more time to try on different ones. Pixy Ph I hope you’re reading this! Please let there be another Pixy Beauty Soiree! And awwww really you were able to buy your’s? Good for you! I live here in Marikina and I hope that the brand becomes available in more malls like Megamall etc. And yes they are very affordable and long-wearing! What more could you wish for right? Hmmm maybe it’s to win Pixy’s promo for a 2k worth of make-up. Hahahah

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